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Outdoor Photographer of the Year 2017


Yay! My 'Haul' image has been selected to be in the 2017 Outdoor Photographer of the Year book. I got really excited after taking and processing this image, I loved it. Unfortunately it completely bombed on Flickr and Twitter. A photographer I really admire the work of, Karl Mortimer, was very complimentary of it which reinforced my belief it could be a successful image in a competition such as this. Thanks Karl!

This shot was taken with my little DJI Spark on a short break we had at the Northumberland coast. I was able to spend some time exploring this beautiful part of the coastline from above. It is often difficult to find compositions at ground level so I typically arrive at a location and launch the drone to find abstracts and patterns in the landscape. On this occasion there did not appear to be anything of significant interest but in the distance I could see a fishing boat heading back to shore. After a quick change of batteries I flew over to the boat just in time to capture it being retrieved by the tractor.

The book is available to pre-order now and goes on sale on the 20th March. See link below for details.

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