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Architectural Photography

A well-documented building, professionally photographed, is an essential part of the overall design and construction process, which is often overlooked by architects and designers. Often the final product is photographed with a smart phone, without consideration of the lighting and weather conditions, and with little attention to composition and detail. For the designer to successfully bid for future work, a portfolio of well-presented projects goes a long way to securing a new client.

Having worked in architecture for much of my life, I understand the process in which buildings are designed and, as such, I am able to photograph them in a way which showcases the final product. I work with the architect to discuss their project, and establish a brief on which the photographs are taken. The shoot is planned around good weather and the location of the sun to make sure all elevations are well-lit. Multiple trips to site may be made if the weather conditions do not allow the shoot to be completed in one visit. I have a passion for architectural photography and I believe this shows in the quality of my work.

A complete architectural shoot, including the interior, starts at £325. Please contact me to discuss your project.

Interior Photography

To complement the exterior photographs of your building, an interior shoot is always recommended. Capturing the internal living spaces and how each room interacts with another helps tell the 'story' of the building. I usually try to use natural light, again choosing a bright, sunny day to photograph the building, but I also have the option of using studio lighting to throw light into the room. The use of soft boxes, umbrellas and reflectors helps to soften the light to give a natural feel.


In post-processing I can remove unsightly, but necessary, features of the building such as smoke alarms and sprinkler systems. I can even change the colour of walls should an end user decide to 'go their own way' with the decor!

Product Photography

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