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'King of the Drones'

Updated: Feb 5, 2019

I've recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by the guys at The Togcast for my aerial photography work. Launched in September 2016 'The Togcast' is a bi-monthly podcast focusing on Photography and Photographers, primarily outdoor and landscape but venturing further afield into travel and adventure. Hosted by Photographers Sam Gregory & Paul Sanders the show aims to share a passion for photography across its community via interviews, gear reviews, location guides.

In my interview we talk about topics such as how I got into drone photography, how I use it for my image making, the public's perception and other photographer's perception of the use of drones in photography.

Below is the video content created to accompany the interview.....

.... and here is the link to the audio interview.

I'd like to thank Sam for giving me the opportunity to be part of this fantastic project and also giving me the title of 'King of the Drones'! Have a listen to the other interviews for some interesting insight into other photographer's approach to their photography.

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