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Coverdrone Feature

I was recently interviewed by Coverdrone, the UK's leading commercial drone insurer.

"Since drones first took to the skies equipped with a camera, there has been a steady stream of impressive aerial photos posted online. Throw an experienced photographer into the mix and the result is stunning images. Here’s David Hopley’s UAV story…

Like many commercial photographers and videographers, adding a drone to David’s technical equipment was something that was always likely to happen. A self-taught photographer, his early working life was in architecture and graphic design. That, he says, gave him “a keen eye for detail and composition”, something that certainly leaps out when you look at his photos.

In fact, he’s recently had several of his fabulous photographs included in the 2017 Landscape Photographer of the Year book, with ‘Cast’ winning the ‘highly commended’ category. He also had an image commended in the 2017 Outdoor Photographer of the Year book. So he’s doing something right."

Follow the link to read the full article!

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